About San Francisco District 11 Democratic Club

About the San Francisco District 11 Democratic Club

The District 11 Democratic Club is an officially chartered Democratic Party organization in Supervisorial District 11, San Francisco City and County. 

The Club host special events and activities including Civic Education Outreach, Membership Meetings and Endorsements and other special events depending on the election calendar. In election years, the Club publishes a Voter Guide in the Excelsior Ingleside Light as well as a Slate Card Mailer and a Door Hanger Guide for Voters.  General Membership Meetings featuring discussions of topical issues are usually scheduled on the second Wednesday of February, April, September, and November. In addition, we schedule a Dinner and Auction the first Friday of June and a Holiday party the first Sunday of September. Board Meetings are scheduled by special arrangement. The Club is administered by a Board of Directors; Club members, who wish to become more actively involved are invited to consider volunteer opportunities as a board member or chair.



Officers & Chairs through January 2020


President: William, Ingleside, president@sfd11dems.com

Vice President: Rosario, Excelsior, vp@sfd11dems.com

Secretary: Lisa Lee, Excelsior, secretary@sfd11dems.com

Treasurer: Alex Walker, Mission Terrace, treasurer@sfd11dems.com

Parliamentarian: Mary Goodnature, Merced Heights, parliamentarian@sfd11dems.com

Communications Officer: Brigitte Davila, Mission Terrace, comm@sfd11dems.com

At-Large Delegates: Jose Torres, Mission Terrace, j.m.torres@gmail.com & Roger Underhill, Ingleside, rogervballeund@yahoo.com 

Ex officio: D11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai, Excelsior, 


Membership: Linette Peralta-Haynes, Excelsior

Social: Nicky Trasviña, Merced Heights

Issues: Sheila Sexton, Excelsior


Office Name Neighborhood email phone/cell
PRESIDENT:  William Juarez      


HTML Table

President William Juarez Oceanview president@sfd11dems.com  415-531-9743   At-Large At-Large Membership Chair Social Chair Issues (PAC) Chair
Vice-President Rosario Cervantes vp@sfd11dems.com vp@sfd11dems.comA   Brigitte Davila Jose Torres Roger Underwood Vacant    
Secretary Lisa Lee Excelsior Treasurer   Mission Terrace Mission Terrace Ingleside Excelsior   Excelsior
Treasurer lAex Walker secretary@sfd11dems.com treasurer@sfd11dems.com   comm@sfd11dems.com j.m.torres415@gmail.com runderwood@gmail.com membership@sfd11dems.com TBA TBA
Parliamentarian Mary Goodnature Merced Heights parliamentarian@sfd11dems.com              
Membership Chair Nicky Trasviña Merced Heights                
Social Chair                    
Issues (PAC) Chair Sheila Sexton Excelsior                

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