Board Recommendations for 9-10-22 endorsement meeting

D11 Executive Board Recommendations

for the November 8, 2022 ballot

On August 27, 2022, the Executive Board invited all the candidates and representatives of both sides of the measures & propositions. It was a long day, but here are our recommendations going into the general endorsement meeting scheduled for September 10, 2022.


San Francisco Local Candidates:

  • Board of Education (Three 4-year term seats)

    • Alida Fisher
    • Gabriela Lopez
    • No Recommendation for Third Candidate

We are truly excited and honored to recommend Alida Fisher and Gabriela Lopez. We truly believe that with their experience and commitment to student success, they will make great Commissioners for the SFUSD Board of Education. In terms of Alida, there is no one else running that has the unique experience of advocating for disabled students. 

Our Board did not come to a consensus on the Third Candidate, resulting in a No Recommendation. Lainie Motamedi and Karen Fleshman both came close to earning our recommendation for the third spot.  Therefore, both of them have been invited back to speak to the membership on September 10.  We look forward to hearing more about their positions at that time.

  • Community College Board (Three 4-year term seats)

    • Brigitte Davila
    • John Rizzo
    • William Walker

The District 11 Democratic board believes there are many qualified candidates with different life experiences running for this race. Brigitte Davila (D-11 resident) and John Rizzo have made strong contributions to CCSF for many years through their leadership and tough decisions. They want to start work on building their infrastructure William Walker’s (D-11 resident) experience as a student commissioner 12 years ago, his understanding of policy, and innovative ideas informed our PAC.  

  • Community College Board (One 2-year term seat)

    • Murrell Green

Murrell Green has the educational background and experience as a Dean at West Valley College in Santa Clara County that brings great leadership to CCSF.  A lifelong San Franciscan, he was appointed by Mayor Breed to the rest of departing Trustee Temprano's remaining term. We look forward to his continued service on the CCSF Board of Trustees.

  • Assessor-Recorder

    • Joaquin Torres

This recommendation was unanimous after our November 21 endorsement of Joaquin in the special election. "Joaquin Torres is the only candidate in the race but, fortunately, he is one we can highly recommend. Mr. Torres was appointed to the office of Assessor-Recorder when Carmen Chu was appointed to the Chief Administrator position. Joaquin was a D11 resident for a few years and many of the members of the S.F. D11 Democratic Club have had a chance to meet him at one time or another. Torres served as the Director of the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development since 2018. He was involved in citywide efforts to mitigate the economic hardships on businesses and workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is truly committed to social justice and equity for all San Franciscans.  

  • District Attorney

    • No Recommendation

Our Board did not reach a consensus, resulting in a No Recommendation.  We have invited the top contenders for our endorsement, Brooke Jenkins and John Hamasaki to our meeting on the 10th so that we can learn more about them. Their campaign websites are linked for more information 

  • Public Defender

    • No Recommendation

Our Board did not reach a consensus, resulting in a No Recommendation.  We have invited both Mano Raju and Rebecca Young to our meeting on the 10th so that we can learn more about them. Their campaign websites are linked for more information 

  • U.S. Congressional Seat 11

    • Nancy Pelosi
  • U.S. Congressional Seat 15

    • No Recommendation

Our Board did not reach a consensus, resulting in a No Recommendation.  We have invited both David Canepa and Kevin Mullin to our meeting on the 10th so that we can learn more about them.

  • State Assembly - District 17
    • Matt Haney

No other Democrat opposes Assemblymember Matt Haney. We have invited him to our November meeting to hear more about the work he has done during his six months in the Assembly.

  • State Assembly - District 19
    • Phil Ting

No other Democrat opposes Assemblymember Phil Ting. We are familiar with his work on behalf of the west side of S.F. and District 11. We especially applaud his unwavering commitment to education and the leadership roles he has taken on during his tenure in the state legislature. We have invited him to our November meeting to hear more about his work.

  • Board of Equalization, District 2

    • Sally Lieber

No other Democrat opposes Assemblymember Sally Lieber. We do appreciate her commitment to transparency in an office that often has little to none.  Second, she is not taking any corporate donations.

  • BART Board, District 8

    • Janice Li

No other Democrat opposes Assemblymember Janice Li. We are impressed by all the amazing work Janice Li has done at BART and we proudly recommend their endorsement to the club.

San Francisco Local Measures

KEY: A YES recommendation is in bolded blue; an "nr" in black lowercase is no recommendation reached by the Board, and a bold black NO means the Board recommends a NO vote on the measure 

Board Recommends

City & County Measure

Short Title of Measure

YES MEASURE A Retiree Cost of Living Adjustment    
nr MEASURE B Public Works Department and Commission, Sanitation and Streets Department Commission    
YES MEASURE C Creation of Homelessness Oversight Commission    
NO MEASURE D Affordable Housing, Mayor Breed/YIMBY proposal    
YES MEASURE E Affordable Housing, Supervisor Chan's proposal (Homes for Families and Workers)    
YES MEASURE F Library Preservation Fund    
YES MEASURE G Student Success Fund (ERAF Funding to SFUSD)    
YES MEASURE H Moving City Elections to Even Years    
YES MEASURE I Vehicles on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway    
NO MEASURE J Recreational Use of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park    
nr MEASURE K Gross Receipts Tax    
YES MEASURE L Sales Tax for Transportation Authority    
YES MEASURE M Empty Homes Tax    
YES MEASURE N Golden Gate Park Underground Parking Facility; Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority    
YES MEASURE O Parcel Tax for City College    


Click for Statewide Recommendations

California State Ballot -


Governor: Gavin Newsom

Lieutenant Governor: Eleni Kounalakis

Treasurer: Fiona Ma

Controller: Malia Cohen

Attorney General: Rob Bonta

Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara

Superintendent of Education: Tony Thurmond


State Propositions - 


Proposition 1 - 

Recommend YES


Proposition 26 -

Recommend YES


Proposition 27 - 

Recommend NO


Proposition 28 - 

Recommend YES


Proposition 30 -

Recommend NO


Proposition 31 -

Recommend YES


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