Endorsement Process



Our endorsement process starts with the Executive Board interviewing candidates and representatives of Proposition positions. For General Elections in November, the interviews usually take place in the second or third week of August. For Primary Elections in March, the interviews usually take place in the second week of January. (Please note that this is subject to change.)

The Executive Board will discuss the results of the interviews and develop recommendations for regular members at the next scheduled membership endorsement meeting. The General Election endorsement meeting is usually held on the second Saturday of September to accommodate our long-standing co-sponsorship of a District 11 Town Hall with the non-partisan District 11 Council. All candidates are invited to speak at the Town Hall. Immediately after the Town Hall, the Endorsement Meeting commences and ballots are distributed to all regular members and members in good standing with paid dues. 



All candidates endorsed by the Club must be registered as Democrats.

SECTION 2: Meeting Notice

Endorsement meetings shall be called by either the President or the Executive Board. The call for the Endorsement meeting shall go out no later than two weeks prior to the Endorsement meeting.

SECTION 3: Civic education

The Issues Committee shall report on candidates and ballot propositions at the Endorsement meeting.

SECTION 4: Ballots and voting

The endorsement of candidates and propositions shall be by secret ballot. Each ballot shall include the choice of “No Endorsement.” A “No Position” shall be re-corded when candidates or propositions fail to get the required votes as defined in Section 6 below.

SECTION 5: Quorum

A quorum at an Endorsement meeting shall consist of twelve (12) Regular members who are eligible to vote on endorsements.

SECTION 6: Vote Tallies

Endorsement of candidates shall be by no less than 60% of the votes cast; endorsement of ballot measures shall be by no less than 50% plus 1 of the votes cast.

SECTION 7: Eligibility to Vote

Members eligible to vote on endorsements shall be those Regular members:

a. in good standing or continuing members, as defined in Article I, §5*, who pay their dues at the endorsement meeting.
b. new members who have paid their dues no later than 30 days prior to the endorsement meeting.

SECTION 8: Distribution of Ballots

Official ballots (electronic or paper) shall be distributed upon sign-in at the scheduled membership endorsement meeting to all Regular members eligible to vote.

*Article I, §5: Continuing members are those Regular members in good standing in the prior calendar year

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