Endorsement season begins! Can you feel it in the air?


Democratic Clubs all across the City are preparing for the November 3, 2015 election. The San Francisco District 11 Democratic Club is no exception. We have scheduled all our initial endorsement interviews with the executive board on Saturday, August 22 at the Ingleside Police Station Community Room in Balboa Park. The proponents and opponents of the five ballot measures will present and answer questions between approximately 12 and 2:30. Candidates are booked from 3:00 through 5:00pm. (Schedule subject to change) If you fall into this category and have not yet booked a time, please text 415-531-9743 or email [email protected]. All candidates and proposition representatives must submit a response to the appropriate questionnaire by August 20th, 2015. (Download the Ballot Measure Questionnaire or the Candidate Questionnaire)

So far, there are eleven measures that are qualified for the ballot:

  • Measure A: General Obligation Bond Election - Affordable Housing
  • Measure B: Enhancement of Paid Parental Leave for City Employees
  • Measure C: Expenditure Lobbyists Ordinance
  • Measure D: Mission Rock Development
  • Measure E: Requirements For Public Meetings of Local Policy Bodies
  • Measure F: Short-Term Residential Rentals
  • Measure G: Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy
  • Measure H: Clean Energy Right to Know Act
  • Measure I: Mission District Housing Moratorium
  • Measure J: Establishing the Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund
  • Measure K: Surplus City Property Ordinance

And, candidates for six citywide offices will also appear on the ballot in District 11:

  • Mayor: Kent Graham, Herrera Francisco, Edwin M. Lee, Reed Martin, Stuart Schuffman, Amy Farah Weiss
  • City Attorney: Dennis Herrera
  • District Attorney: George Gascon
  • Sheriff: Vicki Hennessy, Ross Mirkarimi, John Robinson
  • Treasurer: Jose Cisneros
  • Member, Community College Board: Wendy Aragon, Alex Randolph, Tom Temprano


 After the endorsement interviews, the eboard will issue their recommendations to the general membership. Members will vote on endorsements at the Membership Endorsement Meeting on Wednesday, Sept 9, 2015 at Henry's Hunan, 4753 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112 at 6:30pm.





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