Membership Meeting, April 8 2015


Come join us on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 6:30pm for a Membership Meeting at the Ingleside Police Station Community Room in Balboa Park. Come on by for some snacks and political discussions on important issues facing our district. Click here for a map and to RSVP.

First on the agenda is a presentation of the Prop 13 Split Role Project. Evolve-CA, is a non-profit that seeks to address the political third rail of Prop 13. For anyone not alive in 1976, Proposition 13 was a so called tax relief initiative that helped the elderly stay in their homes despite rising home values and consequent property taxes. The problem is that it was not finely crafted or narrowly tailored to protect the homes of low-income or fixed income residents. Their plan for Proposition 13 is to split the residential tax relief from the corporate tax relief. Corporations have received the bulk of the tax savings, not elderly. The tax savings undercut funding for public schools, libraries and other public institutions. We all know the result of that. Evolve is collecting endorsements from as many elected officials as possible and speaking to local political clubs regarding their push for a Prop 13 split role.

Second, we have scheduled proponents and opponents of the anti-airbnb ballot initiative in San Francisco. A representative from and a representative from airbnb will discuss the initiative and take your questions. The proposition seeks to further regulate short-term residential rentals to tourists, like those offered by Airbnb beyond the Board of Supervisors regulations set forth in 2014. Cluck here for more information on the current regulations and the proposed regulations.

ask_me_about_clean_money_button.png  Third, we will have a representative from CA DISCLOSE to discuss the status of Senate Bill 52 and the current Assembly Bill 700. These bills will create transparency for political ads and require the top three funders of ballot measure ads to be shown clearly and unambiguously on the ads themselves.  Most importantly, it requires that the funders disclosed on ads be the original sources of the contributions to the committee that paid for the ad, even if funders try to hide behind multiple layers of committees or organizations. In other words, there will be no more "People for a Better Tomorrow" or other such deceptive euphemisms for committees to obfuscate the actual sources of funding. SB52 sailed through the senate and more than 400 organizations and 80,000 voters have endorsed this as fundamental to voter rights.

Last, but not least, Sheriff Mirkarimi will give us an update on his initiatives to combat recidivism and promote rehabilitation. His efforts, in the face of State mandated realignment, has conrtributed to the low jail population. The Sheriff's Department manages six county jails across San Francisco and the Peninsula. 

Please note the budget discussion is postponed until our September meeting.  


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