Proposed Bylaws Explained

Our Club bylaws were developed in 1999 and ratified in 2000 and revised in some manner in 2004. A lot of changes have occurred in the subsequent years and I am proposing a few changes to the bylaws. Most changes are not substantive but provide for greater clarity. There are, however, some major changes to the Purpose/Mission and Membership eligibility. There are minor changes in adjustment of sections and clarifications. I have listed the changes below. I have also included them as a PDF file that you can click and download. There is a comment section and I will make every effort to respond and if warranted, incorporate any suggestions.


SECTION 1: Name and Affiliation

a.)   Name: The Organizations shall be called the SAN FRANCISCO DISTRICT 11 DEMOCRATIC CLUB.

b.)   Affiliations: This Club shall be chartered by the San Francisco Democratic Party and shall be affiliated with the California Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee

SECTION 2: Purpose & Objectives

b.)   Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to advance the principles, goals and platforms of the California Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee, and the promote the welfare of the residents of San Francisco in general and Supervisorial District 11, in particular.

c.)   Objectives: This Club is dedicated to furthering the political goals and aspirations of the people of San Francisco’s Supervisorial District 11 and the community in which it functions. The objectives of the Club, therefore, shall be:

  1. To analyze public policy and political issues affecting our residents
  2. To educate Club members and the general public as to issues and candidates of interest to residents of District 11.
  3. To inspire greater participation in democratic process.
  4. To advocate the Club’s positions on issues of importance to District 11, San Francisco, California or the United States of America.
  5. To elect registered Democrats in partisan and non-partisan elections, whose views most closely reflect the Club’s positions.
  6. To promote accountability to the District 11community on the part of elected officials.
  7. To open the democratic process to all citizens on the basis of equality, regardless of class, race/ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual preference or age.
  8. To pursue the values of equality and social justice within the Democratic Party.






 1 The words “San Francisco” preface the District 11 Democratic Club name. The minor name change specifies that the District 11 Democratic Club is in San Francisco. When the original bylaws were drafted the internet was not widely available or used daily. Now, an internet search for "District 11" pulls up a wide variety from across the country. To make it easier to find the club website and for the sake of clarity this name change is proposed. 
 2 Democratic Party affiliations are included for informational and identification purposes  Another minor change that simply states reality, but in a forthright manner as part of the bylaws.
 3 The original Purpose is slightly expanded in Article 1, Section 2  The minor expansion reiterates District 11 priorities.
 4 A new Objectives section is included in Article 1, Section 2 This section is expanded to include generally what types of projects or activities the Club is actually engaged in or strives to engage in. This will make it easier for members and prospective members to understand our goals, mission and inclusiveness as a Democratic Club.






a) Regular membership is open to residents all residents of San Francisco Supervisorial District 11 who are registered Democrats according to the official registration as shown in the published precinct files issued by the Registrar of Voters of San Francisco City & County.  In addition, District 11 residents of at least 17 years of age who declare their intention to register as Democrats when eligible and do so within one month of attaining their 18th birthday.  District 11 residents in the process of naturalization who declare their intentions to register as Democrats and do so within one month after attaining legal status, shall be eligible for membership in the Club.

c) A membership year is the same as the calendar year.

b) Regular members shall pay dues each membership year as follows:


  • $20.00 for an individual;
  • $25.00 for a couple;


  • $10.00 for an individual who is 65 years or older;
  • $20.00 for a couple, at least one of whom is 65 years or older.


  • $10 for an individual under 21 years of age

c) Continuing members are those Regular members in good standing in the prior calendar year.

d) Associate membership is open to persons in the following categories:

  1. Registered Democrats who are not residents of District 11



Summary of Change

Reason for Change


Section 4 was streamlined to include related sections as subsections (e.g., instead of Dues as a separate section it was included with the related member information).

The reorganization of the sections will streamline the membership and dues category for greater clarity.  While not impossible now, there are four different categories of information and multiple subcategories currently. Separating related info will make it a little easier to read and understand.


Member eligibility is based on specific voter registration records now. 

The original version is vague on how a registered Democrat is verified, this section makes it specific and clear.


Member eligibility categories have increased to include younger members over age 17 and members about to become naturalized citizens.

In an effort to encourage membership that reflects the demographics of District 11, we want to extend a welcome to younger residents and soon-to-be citizens. The points of view brought by greater diversity in our membership will enhance our goals of social justice and Democratic principles.



Dues changes: a modest increase in member dues and dues category for youth

The member dues have not changed since the club was created in 1998. This nominal change will assist our outreach efforts to create a stronger Club. The original dues structure is weighted towards older members, adding a youth category not only encourages younger Democrats to join but also adjusts our dues structure to create greater fairness for all members.



Associate Member category reduced to only non-D11 residents. 

This is by default as the b and c categories are now in the regular member category.


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