New D11 Dems Eboard Elected



New Leadership elected to Board

 of S.F. D11 Democratic Club


The meeting on February 14 saw new Board members elected to lead the S.F. D11 Democratic Club with quite a few firsts. 

The officeholders are as follows:

  • President: William Juarez
  • Vice-President: Rosario Cervantes
  • Treasurer: Alex Walker
  • Secretary: Lisa Lee
  • Parliamentarian: Mary Goodnature
  • At-large Member: Jose Torres
  • At-large Member: Roger Underwood

The new president, William Juarez, will be a newly minted graduate of San Francisco State University this May. He is, however, no stranger to politics. He has precinct walked for the Club many times and was recording secretary for the Harvey Milk Democratic Club last year. Mr. Juarez, at 22 years, is the youngest President ever for the Club. We welcome his energy and new ideas. 

Rosario Cervantes, the new Vice-President is well known in the community and has lived in the Excelsior for over 40 years. She is also Board President of Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth. Ms. Cervantes has already contributed a lot of time and energy to the Club as Membership Chair and champion precinct walker. 

Alex Walker is our new Treasurer and he brings a wealth of experience as well. He has held leadership positions in the Harvey Milk Democratic Club and the San Francisco Young Democrats. 

Lisa Lee was elected Secretary. We welcome her organizing experience with the United Educators of San Francisco.

We welcome back our Parliamentarian, Mary Goodnature, and we know our meetings will always adhere to Robert's Rules of Order for efficient and fair meetings.

Last, we have two new At-Large Member's of the Board, Jose Torres, our current bylaws chair and Roger Underwood, who served in that capacity several years ago.

A HUGE note of gratitude to the outgoing board members. Our immediate past president, Nadia Conrad had to move out of the City due to the housing crisis and was no longer eligible for membership. The Club thanks her for the valiant service she provided over the last four years and we are all sorry to lose her. We trust her newborn baby will be keeping her busy. Mary Harris has been VP at least since 2008 and she will be missed, but we know her dedication to the District 11 community continues on. Thank you to Amy Morán our former Secretary for stepping up when we needed you. And thanks go out to the former At-Large Members, Mel Flores, and, Al Harris. We hope to see you all at the D11 Dems meetings and events.


With gratitude to our community of supporters



SEIU 1021 United Service Employees International Union


Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic.Club

United Educators San Francisco

D11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai

Nadia Conrad Bick

Dennis Conrad

Brigitte Davila & Jose Torres

Rosario Cervantes

Mary and Al Harris

Petra DeJesus 

Supervisor Aaron Peskin (D3)

Mary & Al Harris 

Mel Flores


Paul Melbostad

Peter Gallotta

SUPPORTERS in the 94112

Calabria Bros.Italian Deli, 4726 Mission Street 

Cumaica Coffee, 4726 Mission Street 

Stevens Books, 49 Ocean Street

X-Press Custom Wearable Prints, 4726 Mission Street

and all our members and neighbors who attended ...

we couldn't do it without you!

Our Heartfelt ♥ Thanks

2016 Endorsment Meetings 9-10-16 & 9-14-16


Membership Endorsement Meetings

  • Saturday, September 10, 2016, 11:30 - 2:30 Candidate Forum co-sponsored with the D11 Council
  • Saturday, September 10, 2016, 2:30 - 4:30pm for all Candidate Endorsements 
  • Wednesday, September  14, 2016, 6:30 - 9:30pm for all Proposition Endorsements

With plenty of candidates and over 40 propositions on the ballot, we had to expand to TWO big endorsement meetings in September. Everyone is welcome to attend as there are a lot of important propositions on the ballot

The SF D11 Democratic Club is co-sponsoring a candidate forum with the D11 Council from 11:30 to 2:30. Local candidates for the State Senate, Judge and D11 Supervisor Race have been invited. The location is the Crocker Amazon Clubhouse on Moscow at Italy. Check the calendar for more info

Our candidate endorsement meeting will commence immediately after the forum. The S.F. District 11 Democratic Club will also invite the candidates for School board and City College board. While it might seem like a long day, this process is very important to the future of our District. Of course, there will be plenty of food to keep our energy up for these very  important decisions.  Please RSVP here. The candidate endorsement meeting is also at the Crocker Amazon Clubhouse. 

The propositions will be presented, discussed and voted on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, at the venerable Henry Hunan's Restaurant at 4753 Mission Street. We will provide summary sheets describing the propositions and speakers on some of the major ones. Please RSVP hereAgain, it sounds like a long night but with a little political fellowship and a lot of noodles, you will emerge an educated voter!

Regular dues-paying members are eligible to vote on endorsements. Regular members can pay their dues on the spot to be eligible to vote on endorsements. New members who joined and paid dues 30 days ago or more are eligible to vote. All members of the community are invited to attend.



New Eboard Elected - next meeting 4-13-16


        The membership meeting on February 10, 2016 was bittersweet as some D11 Democratic Club Board members stepped down and new Board members stepped up. Most notably, our past president, Brigitte Davila, told us in November that she would not be running for re-election as President of the District 11 Democratic Club. Her duties as City College Trustee and member of the Balboa Reservoir CAC are taking up most of her time. We will miss her and all she brought to the Club. During her tenure she expanded the outreach of the Club considerably and brought the Club into the 21st Century with "new-fangled" innovations such as a Club logo and brand, social media platforms, streamlined Club email and a website (The one you are now reading!). She also diversified the Club in terms of age and ethnicity. Last, but not least, she brought back old-fashioned precinct walking with our slate information, further raising the profile of the Club.  Roger Underhill also left the Board this year. He served in one of the Member-At-Large positions for several terms as a stalwart supporter of the Club and always present at Board and Club events. Roger is a volleyball referee and, sadly, his Wednesdays and Saturdays are now off limits and that prevents him from continuing on in this role. Thank you also to Claire Zvanski who will be retiring as our past-president. We will miss them all, but hope they will still be around as active members. 

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