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    Join the San Francisco District 11 Democratic Club

    Continuing members can also pay dues to renew membership here.

    You can join the S.F. District 11 Democratic club or renew your existing membership from this page. There are two types of membership, Regular and Associate. Membership, dues, and voting privileges are documented in full in the Club's Constitution and Bylaws.  To become a member, follow these steps:

    1.  Complete the online application form. 
    2.  Pay the appropriate dues as listed below, either by paying through this website (Paypal) or mailing your check to S.F. D11 Democratic Club, P.O. Box 12175, San Francisco, CA 94112

    Dues: All members, Regular and Associate, shall pay the following dues per year:

    1. $20.00 for an individual;
    2. $25.00 for a couple;
    3. $10.00 for an individual who is 65 years or older or youth under 21 years of age.
    4. $15.00 for a couple, at least one of whom is 65 years or older.

    Membership Term: The membership year is the same as the calendar year.

    Regular membership is open to any residents of San Francisco Supervisorial District 11 who are registered Democrats according to the official registration in the published precinct files issued by the Registrar of Voters of San Francisco City & County. 

    Continuing Members are those regular members in good standing the prior calendar year. 

    Additional categories of Membership:

    Youth Membership: Membership is open to any District 11 residents of at least 17 years of age who declare their intention to register as Democrats when eligible and do so within one month of attaining their 18th birthday. 

    Immigrant Membership: District 11 residents in the process of naturalization who declare their intentions to register as Democrats and do so within one month after attaining legal status, shall be eligible for membership in the Club.

    Associate Membership: Non-voting membership is open to Registered Democrats who are not residents of District 11.




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