Membership Endorsement Meeting on 4-16-14


Join us for an endorsement meeting as we make sense of the June 3 ballot. We have invited Statewide candidates and proponents/opponents of local measures to present information to assist you with the voting decisions you will face on the primary ballot.  We have categorized the ballot in terms of local state and federal offices that cover all or part of San Francisco's District 11. Per our bylaws, we are only providing information on Democratic candidates. You can find more information at the SF Department of Elections, but we're making it easy for you with the chart and links below.

Dues paying members will be able to vote on official Club endorsements for this Primary Election at the meeting.  Continuing members may pay dues at the meeting.

A set of proposed changes to our Club bylaws will be presented to the Membership for approval.  Link to a summary of the proposed changes here (or go to the above menu choose About > Bylaws >Bylaws Changes Explained)  Please post comments, critiques, suggestions etc. regarding the proposed changes. Access the original bylaws here.

Club officer elections will also be held at this meeting for all seats on the board. Nominate candidates for the board here



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