Voter Info & Endorsements for Primary Election March 2020



The D11 Democratic Club has as its primary mission the dissemination of important voter information. The upcoming primary election on March 3, 2020, may have you scratching your head because it seems a little early. Also, you may have seen our list of endorsements and wondered whether you can trust them or not. We will give you the info that went into our decisions, so you can make your own choices.

NEW DATE FOR CALIFORNIA PRIMARY ELECTION: In 2017, Gov. Brown signed a bill that would push our primary election from June to a more competitive date in March. The former June Primary rendered California voters fairly inconsequential to the overall presidential primary votes across the country. With our new date of the second Tuesday in March, California will be part of a massive Super Tuesday vote along with 13 other states as well as Democrats abroad. It is going to take some getting used to because the political organizing calendar was much more spread out previously. 

HOW TO VOTE IN THE NEW PRIMARY: Same as you always did before.  Voting materials will go out in the first week of February. 

  • If you are a Permanent Vote-by-Mail (VBM) voter, expect your ballot and voter guide around February 3, 2020. 
    • If you are not a VBM voter and you would like the convenience of voting by mail, register with the Department of Elections by February 25 here:
    • BTW, no postage is required and if you forget to mail, you can still drop your ballot off at any polling place on Election Day. (Almost half of all VBM voters drop it off at City Hall or Polling place.)
  • The political party preference that voters selected when they last registered to vote determines which presidential primary contest will appear on their ballot.
    • Democrats and No Party Preference (NPP) voters can vote for one of the Democratic Presidential Candidates.
    • IF you are not a registered Democrat or NPP, and are, therefore, a member of another party. AND, you want to vote for a Democratic Presidential Candidate, you will need to change your registration by February 25, 2020 
  • Besides voting for presidential candidates to move forward to the November 2020 general election, voters will also vote on other federal and state offices and ballot measures.

ENDORSEMENT INFO: The Executive Board invited all local candidates and Measure representatives for interviews in December 2019 and voted on recommendations to the membership for each candidate and measure.  A General Membership endorsement meeting was held at our January meeting and all of the candidates were again invited.  To be endorsed by the Club, candidates had to receive at least 60% of the membership votes cast and measures had to meet the 50% + 1 criterion.  Below are the results including San Francisco local SFDCCC races and local measures, California State Legislature and U.S. Congressional offices.

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March 2020 Primary Endorsements

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Thank you to everyone who attended Thursday's District 11 Democratic Club’s March Endorsement Meeting!  Many of our passionate and engaged members spent for more than five hours at Henry’s Hunan to listen to candidates and representatives for the ballot measures, vote, and tabulate results.  Our endorsements are as follows: 


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It's Time to Renew!


It's time to renew your SF D11 Democratic Club membership!  

More details can be found on our membership page:  

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Join us for our March 2020 Endorsement Meeting!

January 9, 2020

6:00 PM at Henry's Hunan (4753 Mission Street, SF CA 94112)


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Join us for our March 2020 Endorsement Interviews

D11 March 2020 Endorsement Interviews

Saturday, December 7, 4-8PM  at The Recovery Room (4528 Mission Street, cross Santa Rosa) 

Join the SF D11 Democratic Club and the Latino Democratic Club this Saturday as we interview candidates in the March 2020 primary as well as representatives discussing ballot measures.  Interviews will be joint for both clubs, but each Democratic Club will make their own recommendations to their respective memberships for a final vote at their January meetings. Members of each Club are welcome to observe. Votes and questions will come from the PACs and Executive Boards of each respective organization.

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