Membership Endorsements Are In For November General Election


The results are in from our members on endorsements. We heard from a number of candidates and asked a lot of questions. The November 4 2014 ballot is a complicated one much discussion ensued. Afterwards, over a delicious dinner, we specifically discussed why the eboard (Executive Board) endorsed as they did, and generally, we discussed the pros and cons of all the issues. You can review the endorsement rules here, but basically all dues-paying regular members of 30 days or more were able to vote

To give some background, the eboard met with on three different days. First, there was a review all candidates that responded to our interview request, we had a separate day of interviews for the pro and con representatives for all the San Francisco Measures. Then the eboard met for a third day to hear the pro and cons on all the state measures. We did not revisit our endorsements for the primary, and a number of city offices fell under that category. Our by-laws prohibit endorsing non-Democrats, but there were very few candidates to exclude, this being San Francisco. 

Here then are the results of a long and thoughtful process. I have briefly described the rationale for all decisions made for this round of endorsements. Please feel free to comment. 



  • OPPOSE   Measure A:  Transportation and Road Improvement Bond
    • Although we support increased transit funding, especially for the aging infrastructure, we did not trust the MTA with the ambiguous language that $500 million funding ($1 billion total debt) "may be allocated" to transit infracstructure. Prop A's "TEP" also cuts more neighborhood service. The MTA does not have the best record in District 11 and, ultimately, this bond, with no specific commitments regarding transit, is just too vague for our vote.
  • OPPOSE    Measure B: Transportion Funding Ratio to Population
    • This is another possibly good idea with an essentially untrustworthy actor (MTA) making decisions woth our tax money. Specifically, it would take money out of the San Francisco's general fund and earmark an amount based on the current population. There is no argument that we need better more reliable transit, but it is not clear how the MTA would spend these funds.  
  • SUPPORT Measure C:  Children’s Fund
    •  This measure had no organized opposition. Many of our members are involved wth other organizations that serve children and families. This measure expands the children's fund to include youth.
  • SUPPORT Measure D:   Redevelopment Retiree Benefits 
    • This effects only about 60 former employees of the Redevelopment Agency and is an attempt to correct an unfairness as their jobs reverted to the City. There is no organized opposition.
  • SUPPORT Measure E:  Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages 
    • No doubt, this one was close. On the one hand, you have the unassailed research from UCSF pointing to the increase in obesity in children and youth and the relationship to the availablity of non-nutritive sugary beverages (sodas, etc.) On the other hand, it is a regressive tax that will hit low income people hardest and the beverage industry claims that jobs will be lost andprices will rise. Our decison was based on many of us who work with children and youth witnessing the obesity epidemic first-hand. Also, the same arguments that the beverage industry raises were also raised by the tobacco industry regarding taxing cigarettes.  And, that turned out better than anyone expected. So ultimately, the majority of members voted to support this one.
  • SUPPORT Measure F: Pier 70 
    • Another close one. This garnered a No Recommendation from the eboard. The members thought otherwise, however, and it passed with over 70% of the vote in favor. No doubt, the guest speaker on Pier 70, former mayor Art Agnos, allayed most concerns about the project. It will be a real boon to the Bayview to clean up this area and build market rate and affordable housing as well as parks in this area.
  • SUPPORT Measure G: Anti-Speculation Tax
    • There is no question that speculation has made this housing market quite volatile and does nothing for the neighborhoods of San Francisco. Despite the glossy ads from the real estate industry entering mailboxes across the City, Measure G will not hurt the disabled or seniors, unless they are speculators. 
  • SUPPORT Measure H:  Natural Grass in GG Park
    • No one was particularly opposed to artificial turf for soccer fields. What we were opposed to was the power grab by Rec and Parks, and the apparrently cozy deal with the faux turf company. 
  • OPPOSE  Measure I: Artificial Turf in GG Park
    • See above in Measure H rationale.
  • SUPPORT Measure J: Minimum Wage Increase
    • No organized opposition. It appears aeveryone is on board with this one from the mayor to the Chamber of Commerce to our Supervisor Avalos and local organizations like Coleman Advocates for Children and Families.
  • SUPPORT Measure K:  Affordable Housing
    • This was not Supervisor Jane Kim's affordable housing proposal, but a toothless version reached through negotiation with the mayor's office. Still the majority voted yes, only because it is better than nothing. 
  • NO RECOMMENDATION Measure L: Auto Priorities for Transit
    • This is a policy statement to inform the MTA that cars and those who love them are not getting enough attention in the transit planning process. This measure received a No Recommendation as an alternative to an Oppose from the eboard, mostly out of respect for our venerable past-president Claire Zvanski. The members also voted No Recommendation.


  • CA Assembly District 17:  David Campos
    • Even though this is an office in the State Assembly, We are including it among the local candidates, because it is about San Francisco's representation at the State level. Currently, the much beloved Tom Ammiano occupies this seat, but is now termed out. Tom really fought hard for San Francisco and was unwilling to give it up to the highest bidder. Our eboard and again our membership feels the same way. With so much silicon valley and real estate cash pouring in to support the opposition, it was easy to make the distinction as to who would best represent the eastern and central neighborhoods that comprise the Assembly District 17 of San Francisco. The District runs through the Excelssior in our supervisorial District 11. David Campos clearly gets our vote as a stand up guy who will stand up for San Francisco. His commitment to affordable housing, stemming evictions and 

This map gives you a visual idea of where the contested Assembly District 17 runs though our neighborhoods. Note the highlighted blue area which is the Excelsior District. As part of our San Francisco supervisorial District 11, only residents of the Excelsior neighborhhods can vote in the Assembly District 17 race.





  •  Superior Court Judge, Office 20: Daniel FLORES
    • Danny Flores primary endorsement carries over to the General Election. Clearly, he was the hometown favorite for members as he was born and raised in the Excelsior. He also impressed the members with his legal experience, discipline and sense of fairness. The race is a tight one and we are pulling for Daniel.  DannyFlores.jpg



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August and September heralds the ENDORSEMENT SEASON


      There are plenty of issues and candidates this year, so get ready to make some important decisions before you vote. In District 11, the races we are most concerned about are the Board of Education (3 seats) and the City College Board 3 four-year term seat and 1 two year term seat. In addition, there are almost an entiire alphabet of local measures from A to L. In addition, we will examine the state measures

VOTERS: Become informed regarding the myriad propositions and candidates facing you on the November 4 2014 General Election ballot. We are inviting all the citywide candidates and the representatives from the proposition campaigns at the local and state level to our membership meeting on September 10, 2014 at 6:30pm at Henry's Hunan Restaurant at 4753 Mission Street. Eddie will again be offering us a special price for an entire dinner. Beverages are complimentary.

MEMBERS: Regular dues paying members are eligible to vote on endorsements. Regular members can pay their dues on the spot to be eligible to vote on endorsements. New members who joined and paid dues 30 days ago or more alse also eligible to vote.

CANDIDATES & CAMPAIGNS will have two opportunities to present. First, email a preferred time between 10:00 and 4:00 pm on Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24 for the eboard endorsements. Candidates must complete and submit via email the appropriate questionnaire by Thursday, August 21. If you have not received a questionnaire, please download the PDF version or request the DOCX version by emailing [email protected]. Second, register by email to present at the September 10 Membership Endorsement Meeting at Henry Hunan's Restaurant. 



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Check out photos from 4th of July Picnic


Go to our Facebook Page: San Francisco District 11 Democratic Club to view photos.



Our Club just completed the first ever Voter Registration effort at the 25th Annual 4th of July Parade and Picnic sponsored by the Mission Terrace Improvement Association and Roxie Market. To add to the festivities, we also provided photos with Uncle Sam throughout the park. As usual, Roxie Market generously donated an entire picnic BBQ lunch to everyone at the park and a cake to celebrate the United States' 238th Birthday. The Mission Terrace Improvement Association volunteers ran a smooth operation and made sure everyone was fed to satisfaction and the remains were properly divided between waste recycling and compost bins. The SFFD were there with the hook and ladder truck and performed an amazing flag raising ceremony. The classic cars were all there as well. Since this is the 25th event a lot of the logistics have all been worked out, only the weather didn't accommodate and Karl the Fog was out in full force, as is usual in July here. You can tell this party was all locals as everyone was bundled up in their winter coats. All the photos are posted on our Facebook Page, tag yourself and like our page while you are at it. 



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15th Annual Dinner & Auction



     Our 15th Annual Dinner & Auction is only a week away. We have a great line up this year. The Honorable Tom Ammiano, will leave us with a few words about his vision for San Francisco and California as he prepares to leave his CA Assembly District 17 seat. Nato Green is a political comedian with trenchant and hilarious observations about our favorite City. And, for something entirely new, the Boys and Girls Club Youth Leader of the Year, Yuri Huerta will be honored at our dinner.



     The annual dinner supports our civic engagement activities throughout the year, including voter registration tables at major District 11 events, voter workshops, membership meetings, endorsements and our voter guide which is published and mailed in November and published in June. In addition, our club supports future leaders with a donation to the Excelsior Boys and Girls Club. 

     Our auctions are always fun and competitive and you never know what treasure you might find there. So join us and support our community in San Francisco's District Eleven. To RSVP, click the calendar link and enter the number of tickets and your meal choices (below):

  • Paella Valenciana (the house specialty)
  • Chicken w/ Sherry Sauce
  • Prime Rib
  • Vegetarian Lasagna

Once you have RSVP'ed, you can pay online or with a check or credit card at the dinner. 

  • $600 PATRON (includes 10 dinner tickets/one table, table sign and acknowledgement in program) 
  • $130 SPONSOR (includes 2 dinner tickets, acknowledgement in program) 
  • $100 FRIEND (includes 1 dinner ticket, acknowledgement in program) 
  • $60 INDIVIDUAL (1 dinner ticket) $70 at Door 
  • $50 SENIOR/YOUTH (1 dinner ticket) $55 at Door  

If you prefer to call and RSVP, contact Grace D'Anca at 415-748-1416 or email [email protected].


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Membership Endorsement Meeting on 4-16-14


Join us for an endorsement meeting as we make sense of the June 3 ballot. We have invited Statewide candidates and proponents/opponents of local measures to present information to assist you with the voting decisions you will face on the primary ballot.  We have categorized the ballot in terms of local state and federal offices that cover all or part of San Francisco's District 11. Per our bylaws, we are only providing information on Democratic candidates. You can find more information at the SF Department of Elections, but we're making it easy for you with the chart and links below.

Dues paying members will be able to vote on official Club endorsements for this Primary Election at the meeting.  Continuing members may pay dues at the meeting.

A set of proposed changes to our Club bylaws will be presented to the Membership for approval.  Link to a summary of the proposed changes here (or go to the above menu choose About > Bylaws >Bylaws Changes Explained)  Please post comments, critiques, suggestions etc. regarding the proposed changes. Access the original bylaws here.

Club officer elections will also be held at this meeting for all seats on the board. Nominate candidates for the board here

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